An six-phase project to rehabilitate the Anacostia freeway bridges over Nicholson St. SE.

Project Phases

As part of DDOT’s ongoing commitment to safety, the six-phase project will focus on the rehabilitation of the I-295 bridge deck over Nicholson St. SE and adjoining ramps to address deteriorating structural elements, ensuring that each bridge remains a reliable part of our infrastructure for decades to come.

Phase 1
Construction of a 32' bridge median crossover on I-295 to create additional lanes for traffic shifts throughout the project phases.
Phase 2
Demolition and reconstruction of the southbound Mainline bridge (I-295) section
Phase 3
Demolition and reconstruction of the northbound Mainline bridge (I-295) section.
Phase 4
Installation of median barriers (Mainline bridge/I-295) and restoration of traffic lanes to their final configuration.
Phase 5
Demolition and replacement of the on-ramp to I-295 southbound.
Phase 6
Demolition and replacement of the off-ramp from I-295 northbound.